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About – Zarigüeya

Zarigüeya/Alabado Contemporáneo is a research, production and exhibition programme that creates relations between contemporary art and the pre-Columbian collection of the Casa del Alabado. Through a series of manifestations along four years, artists, creators and thinkers will elaborate responses from the objects and materials of the collection, formulating questions such as: How can we understand pre-Colombian cultural production as contemporary culture? What type of behaviours and effects might these materials have in our culture, politics and society? How can we construct platforms, devices and relations that make it possible for them to intervene in our present?

Zarigüeya/Alabado Contemporáneo aims to produce knowledge and experiences through different perspectives and disciplines, and to make available new experiences that expand and question the position that is normally assigned to ancestral arts, consequently stimulating new ideas of what contemporary culture means. Zarigüeya/Alabado Contemporáneo intends to be an intervention with poetic resonance, bringing together objects, people, disciplines, spaces and times in order to create a cartography of unexplored paths.

Zarigüeya/Alabado Contemporáneo functions through invitations to artists, theoreticians, choreographers, scientists, artisans… to work with the pre-Colombian museum and its collection, involving them in processes of discussion and creation. The developments of the project will be visible periodically, through new artistic production, exhibitions, seminars, conferences and publications. The accumulation of multiple perspectives, developed in collaboration between Casa del Alabado and the guests, intends to generate a complex and polemical historical continuity between contemporary artistic practice and the art from our past, beyond closed categories and disciplines.

Zarigüeya/Alabado Contemporáneo are Manuela Moscoso, Manuela Ribadeneira and Pablo Lafuente.

Museo de Arte Precolombino Casa del Alabado:
Executive Director: María Fernanda Cartagena

Fundación Tolita:
President: Daniel Klein
Emeritus President: Mario Ribadeneira

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