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Caroline Achaintre – Zarigüeya
11 Nov 2017, 12pm–3pm

Caroline Achaintre

Scanner by Caroline Achaintre, will open on Saturday, November 11 at 12pm.


Achaintre (born in Toulouse, grew up in Germany and lives in London) works with techniques typically associated with the applied arts, such as textiles, ceramics, engraving or watercolor. Her sculptures, paintings, drawings and tapestries evoke a subversive spirit that provides an atmosphere ludic and absurd. Refering German Expressionism, post-war British sculpture and primitivism as main influences, her work also calls upon the most contemporary sub-cultural strands of science fiction, the Goth-metal scene, psychedelia and horror movies.


Achaintre is interested in placing herself between figuration and abstraction, and the use she gives to materials is intended both to attract and repel the viewer. In Escaner Achaintre presents a series of new works that propose questions related to the nature of the artistic work. How to create based on a reference without repeating? How do you inspire without imitating? How to respond to something without necessarily knowing or understanding it? The works – a series of ceramic masks and a tapestry – are Achaintre’s response to the pieces of the Museum’s pre-Columbian collection, and, at the same time, a possible window to think about the current art and culture of our past .