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Crisis – Zarigüeya
1 Oct–31 Dec 2016

Osias Yanov

  • Crisis. Osías Yanov. 2016. Cortesía del artista


‘Crisis’, Yanov’s project for Zarigüeya/Alabado Contemporáneo, searches for temporal, spatial, stylistic and sentimental links between pre-Columbian cultural material and human bodies. In his recent practice, Yanov has been researching, both through performance and sculpture, modes of enunciating the body, questioning forms of existence that channel fixed identities. In

‘Crisis’, he examines to what extent the pre-Columbian objects can have their own agency or ability to influence the present. Interconnected bowls, funerary pieces or objects that suggest the act of giving birth were the material selected by him during his first visit to Quito in May 2015. Once in Buenos Aires, and during the eight months prior to the presentation of the project in Quito, Yanov produced modified replicas of pre-Columbian pieces through a process of ‘condensation’ and, with the help of choreographer Flor Vecino, used them as a basis for working with a group of performers. During rehearsals in Buenos Aires, replicas gave guidelines to the bodies in creating movements and behaviours.

In Quito, artist and choreographer convened a new group of interpreters to continue the material and conceptual processes developed in Buenos Aires.

The chapel of the former Colegio Simón Bolivar, the future headquarters of the UN in Equador, housed the rehearsals and public presentations, shaping the movements and choreographies of interpreters and pieces.


Download publication PDF here.